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Rackspace hybrid cloud backs MobileForceField’s fight against cyber bullies

MobileForceField has enlisted the help of a Rackspace Hybrid Cloud solution to help it handle the early growth spurt being experienced by its proactive child safety mobile app.

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The managed hybrid cloud will power all of MobileForceField’s websites so that it can focus on targeting its resources on education and understanding the people that it works with instead of wasting time trying to manage the website back-end.

MobileForceField, which is run by a team of fathers who are also enterprise IT professionals, refused to use an unmanaged cloud infrastructure as the service wouldn’t meet its three key requirements of scalability, customer service [load speed] and dedicated expertise.

“The great level of expertise, scalability and fanatical support that Rackspace can offer means that we are saving money, and time resources while delivering the best experience to our website visitors. This is helping us achieve our ultimate goal of offering parents an effective way of keeping their children safe when using a smartphone or tablet,” said Matt Archer, MD of MobileForceField.

Rackspace’s hybrid cloud support extends to the main MobileForceField website as well as the portal that allows parents to login and track a child’s activity to safeguard them against inappropriate content.

The app, which was launched on 2 October, identifies potentially harmful content being sent to a child’s mobile device and places it in an online holding area that can only be seen by parents. From there it can be accepted or rejected and is done without the child being aware that it’s taking place, plus there is geofencing technology included to track a child’s location.

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Further expansion into Australia, Canada and the US remains a “top priority” for the company going forward and UK parents are able to download it for Android right now with an Apple App Store version being released in the very near future.