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Skype releases new Snapchat-esque app, Skype Qik - but worries it might turn off older users

Skype has made a bold move to reinvent itself by launching a new mobile video messaging app that aims to appeal to a new audience by making the Skype experience "more spontaneous".

Called Skype Qik, the app enables users to send video messages to individuals and to groups, or send a shorter, five-second video called a "Qik Flik" if you're pressed for time, although this feature is currently only available on Android and iPhone devices.

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We sat down with Piero Sierra, the director of product management at Skype, who described the app as "a companion for Skype" and "a purely consumer play."

Anyone worried about their embarrassing videos coming back to haunt them don't need to, as each video will be erased after two weeks and can also be deleted from chats at any time, whether they have been viewed or not.

Those of you on Android and Windows phones are also able to block any annoying contacts, a feature that will be made available to iPhone users in the coming months.

Sierra added that the aim is to change the way people use Skype, since at the moment, "Skype calls tend to be scheduled."

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He did admit that this may require some re-educating though. "I think we have our work cut out for us educating people. I think teens will totally understand us. They don't need a lot of explanation. Show it to an older audience and I think they'll need a little hand-holding."

The app is now available for download from the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store or the Windows Phone Store.