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Tesoro launches high-end gaming mouse pad in the UK

Tesoro, manufacturer of high-end gaming accessories, has today released the Ancile Z1 gaming mouse pad in the UK.

The mouse pad is named after the shield of Mars, the Roman god of war, and should help players dominate the competition by offering precision control.

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At £22, the Tesoro Ancile is probably not one for the casual gamer, but its low friction surface will enable hardcore players to gain the edge over their rivals. Its high texture density and reflecting surface technology improves the capture sensitivity for optical or laser gaming mice.

The pad's rubber base also ensures the mouse does not slip accidentally during intense gaming sessions.

Despite the rise of causal gaming, driven by the popularity of mobile and tablet applications, more "serious" gaming has continued to enjoy a sizeable market share. A recent report suggested that the PC gaming hardware market is worth an estimated $21 billion (£13 billion) and set to experience continued growth.

Tesoro was founded in 2011 with the goal of producing extra-durable gaming products and continues to utilise feedback from the gaming community before manufacturing any device.

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The Tesoro Ancile Z1 hard gaming mouse pad is available from all major retailers today. More information on the device can be found here.