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Google Nexus 6 leak shows the phone priced at €569, probably £500 in the UK?

Google's upcoming Nexus tablet and smartphone may have had their official prices leaked in Euros ahead of their launch, which is expected to happen later today (all according to the rumour mill, of course).

We've previously heard whispers about the pricing of the Nexus 6 smartphone, to the effect that it won't be "ultra-cheap" as with previous Nexus models. We figured it would probably be pitched at a little more than the Moto X 2014 – given that it's essentially a larger, souped-up version of this handset – so it would probably weigh in around £450.

However, if this latest leak is on the money, so to speak, we've underestimated the price there.

According to the Caschys Blog (a German source, spotted by BGR), a leaked image pinched from German electronics retailers Media Markt and Saturn shows the Nexus 6 to be priced at €569 for the 32GB model.

Given that the price for the base Nexus 5 is €339, and £299 in the UK, a quick bit of maths reveals that the price for the Nexus 6 will be bang on £500 in this country. If this leaked image isn't completely made up, of course...

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If Google asks a premium price for its Nexus handset, that's going to get quite a few goats up to say the least. Although maybe a smaller (cheaper) Nexus phone is also planned, and there have been a few rumblings to this effect.

The Motorola Droid Turbo is effectively set to be a more compact version of the Nexus 6, some say, but it's currently slated for just Verizon in the US. Indeed, another rumour has the Nexus 6 pinned as an AT&T device, possibly exclusively... (of course, it probably won't have a carrier exclusive in the UK, even if that is the case in the States).

As for the Nexus 9 tablet, according to the German blog, that will start at €399, with the most expensive version hitting €569 (featuring 32GB of storage and LTE). €399 ties in with previous rumours of $399, and lends credence to the fact that this leak might be genuine, and we could be looking at a £500 Nexus 6.

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Not long to find out now, in theory, anyway... keep your eyes peeled on our live blog for updates on the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 as they happen.