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iOS leads Android apps in terms of revenue, but Apple is well behind Google Play in pure download numbers

Apple is still beating out the Play store in terms of revenue, and by a large margin, even though the number of downloads on Google's app store far exceeds those of iOS apps.

This is according to the App Annie Quarterly Index, which shows that Google Play downloads beat out iOS apps by no less than 60 per cent. That does mean that Google is now closing the revenue gap and gaining on Cupertino.

However, Apple's store still generates 60 per cent more revenue than Play, in a case of quality over quantity (if you will). Or, in other words, there are more free (or extremely cheap) apps being downloaded on Android.

In terms of the global picture across all apps, both Android and iOS, game downloads and revenues are strongly up, driven by a large increase in earnings in the US and South Korea. Messaging apps are also still performing strongly (led by Facebook Messenger, naturally).

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However, when it comes to the Play store's growth in downloads over Q3, emerging markets have helped drive numbers, as more and more cheap Android smartphones get purchased. Brazil and India have been the major drivers for Google's apps in this respect.