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Keep all your mobile banking in one place and even save money with BillGuard

Mobile banking is very popular, and rightly so. It lets us keep track of balances, authorise spending, transfer money and make payments. But if you have more than one account, keeping an eye on everything can be a bit of a challenge. BillGuard is a help in that it brings multiple accounts together in one place.

You can also use BillGuard to track spending by category over time so you can see where your money goes. It produces some very neat graphics for at-a-glance analysis. The app also draws down coupons based on your spending patterns, so if you are inclined to respond to that kind of thing you can potentially save money.

And to help your cash go further, it can also alert you to unauthorised 'grey' charges and even alert you if a card you own is used elsewhere, away from your location – potentially giving you very early warning against card theft or fraud.

BillGuard has been around in the US for a while, and is new to the UK. It supports many – but not all – banks, and support includes PayPal too.

Click here to download BillGuard for Android, or here for iOS.

Product: BillGuard

OS: Android, iOS

Price: Free