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Watch Google's hilarious new Android "L" 5.0 teaser video here

A company's "cool-factor" can vary wildly, but one has not yet lost its magic: Google. Sure, privacy advocates decry the search-giant's long reach into the lives of many, but that is what makes the company's products so endearing - Google needs that data to know you. It is the customised and tailored experiences that create a bond between the user and Google.

The biggest bond, however, is Android; the mobile operating system has been wildly popular, bringing Linux to a user base that no one thought imaginable. People are fans of Android, unlike any other operating system before it. Seriously, people collect plastic figures of the mascot; that is dedication. We should soon be experiencing the final version of Android 5.0, which will have an "L" code name. Will it be lollipop? Lemon meringue? Or even "Licorice" (as the guy who builds Google's famous lawn sculptures has been strongly hinting?)

Well, to tease us further Google has released a video, which has fun with the Android 5.0 name.

Google mentions the following names in the video:

  • Lemon Meringue Pie
  • Lava Cake
  • Lady Finger
  • Lemon Drop
  • Oreo (as a joke)

While I like all the proposed names in the video, I would guess that none of them will actually be the chosen one. Like I said, Google loves to be a "cool" company, and probably wants to surprise the world.

When the company chose "KitKat" for the last code name, it blindsided everyone. This time, I am going to guess "Laffy Taffy", a candy that I enjoyed much as a child, but wouldn't dare eat now as I would surely lose the fillings in my teeth.

Watch the video below and tell me in the comments - what do you think Google will name Android 5.0?

Photo credit: Voyagerix / Shutterstock