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iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 details spilled by Apple itself ahead of big launch

There has been plenty of leakage and speculation regarding Apple's new iPads, which will officially be unveiled later today, and Cupertino evidently thought it would get in on the act itself.

9 to 5 Mac spotted something when pottering about iTunes – namely that screenshots for the iOS 8.1 iPad user guide popped up within iBooks, giving away some of the features of the upcoming devices (that said, most of this stuff had already been pinpointed by existing rumours, anyway).

The official name of the devices was revealed for starters, and as thought we're looking at the iPad Air 2, and also the iPad mini 3 to be unveiled later today.

The images show that a Touch ID sensor is on board (again, previously rumoured), though they confirm that the fingerprint scanner will be present on both the full-size Air 2 and the new mini tablet (it wasn't certain whether Touch ID would make the cut on both). The sensor will be ensconced in the Home button, again as expected.

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The pics also show that the overall design of the tablets will remain the same as predecessors, and that a burst mode will be introduced for the camera.

And that's about your lot... previous nuggets have also pointed to a new A8X CPU for the iPad Air 2 (it won't just grace the iPad Pro by all accounts), and a gold colour option is being introduced to match the iPhone line-up (as previously shown in a leak from, which also confirmed the Touch ID sensor).

A new retina display equipped iMac is also expected to be unwrapped at the event which kicks off later today at 18:00 GMT. You can watch the proceedings live if you have a device running Safari, or you can tune into our live coverage complete with full commentary and analysis.

Image Credit: 9 to 5 Mac