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Reddit makes Alien Blue its official iOS app following acquisition

Reddit, the so-called "front page of the Internet," has announced it has acquired Alien Blue, the most popular iOS app for browsing the social news site.

As part of the deal, reddit will also be hiring its sole developer, Melbourne-based Jase Morrissey.

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According to TechCrunch, rumours of the purchase have been circulating for the past few weeks or so, but despite this, reddit is refusing to disclose the terms of the deal.

Perhaps more bizarrely, reddit seem hesitant to refer to Alien Blue as its official iOS reader, with the company claiming it has no plans to change the name of the app as a result of the purchase.

Ellen Pao, reddit's head of strategic partnerships, said that the decision not to make wholesale changes to the app reflects the site's policy of putting its users first.

"Our whole philosophy has been to give our users choice. We've got the reddit AMA app, and Alien Blue coming out... but we really want users to use whatever they want," she said. "We think Alien Blue is great, and it's the most popular reddit app on iOS. We wanted to be able to offer it as a reddit app, and we wanted to help Jase with additional resources to do everything he wanted to do with it."

In fact, the only scheduled change to Alien Blue is a new icon to bring it in line with reddit's other iOS app, reddit AMA, and a simplification of the price scheme. The iPad app, which was $4, is now free as it is being integrated with the iPhone version. Users will also be able to upgrade to a Pro account for additional features for $2.

As a result of the acquisition, all Alien Blue users will need to re-download the app, and Pro users should do so pretty quickly, as reddit is making the upgrade free for one week, starting today.

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Reddit fans can download Alien Blue now from the App Store.