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Smart homes heat up as IFTTT teams with Honeywell for new thermostat

If This Then That, better know as IFTTT, is a system for customising what happens with various devices. Pretty much anything you can dream up can be programmed in, and the service has moved now into the home automation field.

The company is announcing integration with Honeywell's new thermostat. The evohome systems now have a custom channel, bringing even more to the growing Internet of Things offerings from IFTTT. This brings the total products up by one more.

"Now evohome can work with the 134 connected products and services - from weather services and iOS/Android locations to calendars and even sports apps, allowing users to have even more control over their connected home - and home heating", the company states.

There are many options available here - users can set the heat to turn on and off based on outside temperature - drops below 40 F? Turn it on. Rises above? Turn if off. Pretty simple stuff, really.

"We are really excited to expand the level of control that users can have with our smart thermostat by making evohome even more connected - and this is just the beginning. Over time IFTTT support will enable us to have even deeper integration, and use evohome as the trigger for other channels. For instance, users will be able to dictate: ‘IF evohome says that it is above 22 degrees Celsius in the nursery, THEN send me a text message'", says Jeremy Pearson of Honeywell.

Now all you have to do is get the thermostat and start enabling things. It isn't difficult either. Most casual users won't have a problem setting all of this up.