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Why type out messages when you can draw them with ScribbleBoard?

Your shiny new iOS 8 toting iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus deserves some shiny new apps – and no doubt you've been trawling around already. If you have not stumbled across ScribbleBoard then you might have missed a treat.

Now that the iPhone operating system finally allows third-party keyboards, ScribbleBoard provides something a bit different from the norm. There's not a QWERTY key to be tapped in sight – instead there is a drawing board. So now you can sketch out your own smiley or draw a representation of what you want to convey.

You can save your drawn, erm, masterpieces to the camera roll if you think you might want to use them more than once. Okay, so ScribbleBoard is not going to replace the keyboard, but there will be times when it could be a fun alternative.

Click here to download ScribbleBoard for iOS.

Product: ScribbleBoard


Price: Free