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Does Apple plan to part with Fitbit?

Reports have suggested that Apple may soon stop selling the popular health and fitness device Fitbit as it clears the way for its own wearable device, the Apple Watch, which is scheduled to launch next year.

The move comes shortly after Fitbit issued a statement saying it was "evaluating integration with HealthKit," Apple's new health platform that was launched with iOS 8 back in September.

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The HealthKit application collates users' exercise data and several health and fitness app developers, including the likes of Strava, Jawbone Up and MyFitnessPal, have updated their apps to allow users to share their data with HealthKit.

The long-term problem these types of devices face is that, as smartwatches containing messaging and notification services on top of exercise and fitness-tracking capabilities continue to gain popularity, pure fitness devices may soon become less appealing to consumers.

The Apple Watch is the perfect example of a device that offers the full range of capabilities and, although smartwatches don't yet have large-scale appeal, there's no doubt that they will gain traction in the coming years.

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As well as Fitbit, Apple also sells the Nike + FuelBand, device which has strong ties to the iOS operating system.

However, this relationship was placed in doubt earlier in the year when Nike reduced resources in its FuelBand division ahead of the Apple Watch announcement. Apple has, so far, refused to comment on the matter.