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Get highly localised crowdsourced weather details with Weather Underground

Weather forecasting is a fantastic thing, and there are plenty of apps you can try out. If you are like me, you jump on each new one that comes your way, to find out if it is any good, and take a look at what else the app offers in addition to a forecast.

Weather Underground is a favourite of more geeky types, its website at providing detailed information for anywhere you happen to be. One of the things that makes this service popular is that in addition to using satellite and radar information, it crowd-sources data from local weather enthusiasts' own weather stations.

The app is, sadly, only available for the iPhone. With it you can see all the usual stuff including temperature (and "feels like" temperature), wind speed and direction, humidity, visibility and moon phases. There are of course forecasts, from hourly to ten day. And you can see radar and satellite images and even webcams. It's a fantastic app for the weather enthusiast – it even makes me want to get a little weather station to feed my own local data in. Oh yes, and for iOS 8 users, there's a today widget.

Click here to download Weather Underground for iOS.

Product: Weather Underground


Price: Free