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HP: webOS D-Day is 15 January

Anyone reading this and still using a Palm device, make sure you’re sitting comfortably: HP has just announced that support for the outdated webOS service is being removed from 15 January.

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The announcement, which slithered out in an update to its FAQs on webOS, explains that the end of life [EOL] will mean that users can no longer download new apps or updates, backup or restore devices from the cloud, setup new devices, or recover lost passwords.

Any apps that have been purchased and not downloaded onto the device must be retrieved by 1 November and apps will only be able to be restored or backed up until the EOL date.

The same goes for activating or reactivating a device and HP advises users to “make a point of ensuring that you know your password or retrieve it and write it down in a safe location,” as no recovery will be possible after the EOL date.

D-day for webOS has been coming ever since HP stopped selling devices running the system over three years ago, though there is still a hearty bunch that get a lot of use from the Palm Pre, TouchPad and other devices under the umbrella.

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webOS still lives on as a part of LG’s portfolio after it was sold to them by HP and the company is basing some of its smart TVs on the technology as well as planning to put it into smart watches, commercial displays and maybe even cars in future.

Image Credit: Flickr (Tom Raftery)