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Sky broadband and phone service downed by major exchange outage in North West England

Sky has hit considerable trouble in the North West of England, with gremlins playing havoc in its system and disrupting customer's broadband and phone connections.

If you live around the Liverpool or Manchester area, you might have encountered problems with your internet or phone service – but Sky is working on fixing them as we type.

Under its Help and Support page, Sky notes the current issue which involves a multiple exchange outage.

The affected exchanges (spotted by the Register) are listed by Sky as follows:

Bromborough (lvbro), Eastham (lveas), Neston (lvnes), Birkenhead (lvbir), Claughton (lvcla), Mountwood (lvmou), Padgate IVpad), Frodsham (lvfro), Manley (lvman), Manor Park (lvmpk), Runcorn East (lvrne), Runcorn Main (lvrnm), Rock Ferry (lvroc), Wallasey (lvwal), Arrowebrook (lvarr), Caldy (lvcal), Heswall (lvhes), Hoylake (lvhoy), Irby (lvirb), Ramsbottom (lcram), Tottington (lctot), Bury (mrbur), Denton (mrden), Hyde (mrhyd), Pendleton (mrpen), Eccles (mrecc), Heaton Moor (mrhea), Disley (mrdis), Stepping Hill (mrste), Stockport (mrsto), Swinton (mrswi), Walkden (mrwal), Wythenshawe (mrwyt), Alderley Edge (mrald), Chelford (mrchl), Mobberley (mrmob) and Wimslow (mrwil).

In its last update, almost three hours ago, Sky said its engineers have located the fault and are working to re-patch affected fibres, which will restore service. An update is promised soon.

Sky apologised for the "continued inconvenience" the fault has caused.

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Woe betide them if it's still down when folks get back from work later on, ready to start their weekend fix of PlayStation, Xbox or movie streaming...