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Google Nexus 6 pitches up on the Play Store

Google's Nexus 6 has just popped up on the Play Store, at least over in the US anyway.

The device has appeared in midnight blue (spotted by Gotta Be Mobile), priced as previously announced at $649 (£400) SIM-free with 32GB of storage. If you want the 64GB model, that's $699 (£435 in our money).

Unfortunately, it's not up on the Play Store for the UK yet, and the page simply informs you that "Nexus 6 (32 GB, Midnight Blue) is not available in your country" at the moment. So we still don't know what the price will be over this side of the Atlantic.

If Google maintains the same price ratio as it did with the Nexus 5, that cost $350 in the US, and £300 over here – so $650 would translate to around £550. Of course, that makes it a premium priced phone, but in fairness, the specs are top-end – it's just that most folks are used to the Nexus name being synonymous with value for money.

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The handset is essentially a supercharged Moto X 2014 (both are made by Motorola), with a larger, higher resolution screen, and a chunkier battery and CPU – though those gains will be negated somewhat by the grunt needed to power the display. It also boasts an improved camera (theoretically, anyway). And there are other more minor improvements, such as dual speakers up front which should make for better sound quality.

Meanwhile, the Nexus 9 tablet has been priced up for the UK, and you can pre-order one now for £319 (compared to $399 in the US). Actually, if the Nexus 6 follows in line with that price ratio, it'll be more like £520. We can't see it coming in any lower than that, though, but here's hoping...

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