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Apple’s iPhone 6 drives UK consumer spending to three-year high

The release of the iPhone 6 apparently helped to boost consumer spending in the UK to a three-year high last month, according to the latest stats.

Research from Barclaycard (highlighted by the Telegraph) has shown that September saw consumer spending on electronics increase to a level of 20.9 per cent growth. For perspective, the average month in the first half of 2014 saw 4.5 per cent growth.

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha helped matters, but it was the iPhone 6 models which caused the majority of the climb in the electronics sector, which represented exactly a third of total UK consumer spending last month.

Even though the iPhone 6 was only available to purchase for the last third of September, it sold a huge amount in the first weekend alone, with Apple boasting of 10 million units shifted and a new record (compared to 9 million for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C last year).

Of course, the majority of that was the iPhone 6 rather than the 6 Plus phablet version, mainly because stock of the latter was (and still is) low. According to's mobile tracker, the iPhone 6 remains the best seller in October, but the iPhone 6 Plus is only fifth (mainly due to those stock constraints) – the iPhone 5S and 5C are actually still second and third, ahead of the Galaxy S5.

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The stats found that it was men who spent the most on electronics (they represented 63 per cent of spend), and as for the age group which most increased its spending, that was those between 26 and 35, with a boost of 28 per cent.

Chris Wood, managing director at Barclaycard, noted that low inflation and good weather provided extra impetus for splashing cash last month. He said: "The fall in inflation to a five-year low undoubtedly helped ease the pressure on households last month, while one of the driest and warmest Septembers on record encouraged them to part with more of their money."

He added: "While consumers continue to shop for value, and remain cautious overall about the future, we could finally be seeing the start of a sustained recovery in consumer spending."

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