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Belligerent Apple solders RAM into new Mac mini making upgrades impossible

This week, Apple unveiled a number of new and updated products. The latest additions to the iPad range were the crowd pleasers, while the iMac with Retina 5K Display was something of a headline-grabber. Yosemite was expected, but the Mac mini refresh came slightly out of the blue.

For anyone looking for a cheap way to get their hands on a Mac, it's a great starting point. But you'd better make sure you select a model with enough RAM when you place your order - Apple has taken steps that mean it is impossible for buyers to install more memory.

The surprising news was confirmed by Brian Stucki on the macminicolo blog and it will come as a disappointment to anyone on a budget. It's quite common for people investing in a new computer to cut back in certain areas to help keep costs down, and then upgrade further down the line when funds allow. With the new Mac Mini, this is simply not an option. Speculation had been rife that RAM modules were soldered in place, and this was backed up by Stucki:

Confirmed: RAM in the new Mac mini is not user accessible. Hard drive can be replaced/upgraded, though not keeping warranty.

This isn't the only bad news for the would-be upgrader. As well as making double sure you have decided on the right amount of RAM before placing your order, you'd better also have a good hard think about what size hard drive you want. While not impossible to upgrade, Stucki deals another blow:

If people didn't like to hear the confirmation of soldered RAM, wait until they see the foot of the Mac mini with tamper-proof screws.

If you're determined to add more storage, it is possible to do so, providing you don't mind invalidating your warranty.

Does the lack of upgrade possibilities make the Mac mini less desirable, or is it a non-issue?