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Google trips up over Nexus Player pre-orders and FCC approval

As you probably noticed, Google launched a lot of stuff last week, and alongside a new Nexus phone and tablet, the company pushed out the Nexus Player set-top box.

And for those over in the US, the media box of tricks actually went on pre-order just before the weekend – except it shouldn't have.

Android Police reported that just after the pre-orders had been sent live, the Nexus Player was suddenly listed as out of stock. People were left scratching their heads and wondering how the thing had sold out so quickly, but it turned out there were no stock issues – rather, there was a regulatory hitch.

Specifically, Google had failed to get the official thumbs-up through from the FCC, as a change made to the product page at the same time as the out of stock notification was put up read: "This device has not been approved by the Federal Communications Commission. It is not for sale until approval of the FCC has been obtained."

That's a pretty big faux pas, really, to flick the green light on orders for the device without actually having the final say from the FCC through. However, that approval has now been granted, and those over in the States are happily pre-ordering their Nexus Players now.

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As to when we'll see the device in the UK, that's not certain – indeed, we're not even positive that it will arrive over here at all. The Chromecast did, of course, but not without a very long delay, so don't have your hopes up too high for pre-orders of the Nexus Player going live in the UK any time soon. We can but hope, though.