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iPhone 6 catches fire and burns man’s leg in rickshaw accident

The iPhone 6 has been involved in an incident which won't help its reputation much, following multiple "gates" for this year's models (bendgate and hairgate).

The story (spotted by IB Times) comes from a man who claims that an iPhone 6, which was bent in his pocket in an accident, caught fire and burned his leg badly.

Apparently, the man (Phillip Lechter) was attending the University of Arizona's family weekend, when he took a rickshaw ride with his family. Unfortunately, the driver of the rickshaw caught a tram track badly and fell off, with the rickshaw tipping up. While Lechter and his family were okay, he doubtless received a considerable jolt, and ended up "half on, half off" the rickshaw as he describes it in his blog post.

Then, after checking his family's wellbeing, he noticed "a burning sensation on my leg" and the fact that he could smell his trousers burning.

Turns out the iPhone 6 in his pocket had been badly bent, and subsequently caught fire. He yanked the handset out of his pocket and threw it to the ground, while an onlooker who had a cup of water threw it onto his jeans to put the fire out.

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It was only due to the fact that the iPhone was in a leather case that he didn't burn his hands grabbing it from his pocket, as well – and presumably that saved his leg from worse burns, too. Though the limb ended up with a pretty nasty burn on it as you can see below.

He notes: "The Doctor's report described a 11.5 cm x 10.5 cm burn area on my right leg and classified the burn as 2nd degree with first degree burns surrounding the area."

Evidently, the bend in the iPhone 6 caused by the accident was enough to compromise the integrity of the Lithium-ion battery, which then caught fire. It'll be interesting to see if there's any response forthcoming from Apple on this one.

This isn't the first smartphone to catch fire, of course, or indeed the first iPhone – we reported on a similar story earlier this year with an iPhone 5C.

Image Credit: Phillip Lechter