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O2 now has iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 up for pre-order

O2 has announced that it has made Apple's new tablets available to pre-order, with customers able to benefit from the network's O2 Refresh tariff.

O2 Refresh allows O2 subscribers to upgrade early from their existing tablet, and only pay off the outstanding balance on the hardware – so they can ignore the remaining data plan payments, in other words.

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You can bag the new iPad Air 2 (16GB) at £34 per month, with a £35 up-front fee, and that's a cellular model on a 3GB tariff (the device costs £19 per month, the plan £15 per month).

As for the iPad mini 3, that's £31 per month on the same tariff, with a £30 up-front fee.

The cheapest tariff for the iPad Air 2 is £24 per month, with which you get 500MB of data, although there's a bigger £100 initial lump sum to be paid for the hardware. And the cheapest iPad mini 3 plan is £21 per month, with the same up-front fee and data allowance. (Or you can buy the device outright and just pay for a data plan, should you wish, starting from £8 per month).

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O2's data bundles go from 500MB all the way up to 8GB, if you really want a chunky data allowance, but of course you'll pay through the nose for that.