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Spotify announces new family account for up to five members

Spotify has announced a new family membership plan for those fed up of sharing their account with spouses, offspring or siblings.

The aptly named Spotify Family lets a user to share one billing account with up to four other family members, allowing for each person to have completely separate playlists, listening history, recommendations and so forth.

And of course, everyone can play their own tunes at once, should they wish, regardless of who else is trying to listen to what.

The cost depends on how many users are signed up in the family plan. You pay full price for the first account, and then get 50 per cent off the Premium price for further members. So for the maximum family of five, you'd be looking at a cost of £10 for the initial member, and then four £5 subscriptions, for a total of £30 per month. That would all be billed on one family account. Normally, five accounts would run you £50 per month, of course.

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The accounts are all effectively full accounts, with no ads, offline music and all the expected benefits.

When will the Spotify Family plan be available? That's not clear right now, but it shouldn't be long, with Spotify stating that it will "roll out globally over the upcoming weeks".