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Take control of your spending with Pennies: A clean, crisp app with no graphs

Money management apps are plentiful, and they can be really sophisticated, with graphs and charts all over the place. That's not the approach taken by Pennies, which has zero charts in its design. Instead what you have here is an app which goes for simplicity as far as getting to grips with the data is concerned.

Pennies is all about helping you to live within or manage budgets. You can set up as many budgets as you need, for shopping, holidays, and for time periods such as weekly or monthly. The app has been designed to be really simple and fast to use on the go, so that you are encouraged to update spending as you go along. So there are no categories for spending, and no tags – you just enter the actual amounts.

When it comes to displaying data Pennies uses simple numerical information and colours to show how you are doing against different budgets – red, blue and green. You can tell which of those colours you need to try to steer clear of, right? And yes, you can set different currencies for budgets, changing those native dollar signs into lovely jubbly pound signs.

Click here to download Pennies for iOS.

Product: Pennies


Price: £1.49