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UK tops list of countries most under threat from cyber attack

The UK has topped the list of countries most under threat from cyber-attack, followed by Germany in second place and Saudi Arabia in third.

Security firm FireEye examined the threat landscape across Europe, the Middle East and Asia (EMEA) to draw this conclusion.

To do this, it examined the activity, attempts and targets of different Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) in the first six months of the year and compiled its findings based on data from the FireEye Dynamic Threat Intelligence (DTI) cloud.

The results of the company’s research were published in its Regional Advanced Threat Report for EMEA and claims the document offers unique insights into the latest threats for EMEA enterprise security.

While the UK and Germany were identified as the most targeted countries, Spain, Sweden and France were the least attacked and Turkey, Switzerland, Italy and Qatar fell in the middle.

According to FireEye, government, financial, telecommunications and energy were the most targeted verticals and represented more than 50 per cent of total APT detections.

“Advanced attacks are the new reality for business and government. By preparing an effective defensive strategy, organisations can avoid the risk of sitting on the sidelines as their data and intellectual property find their way to competitors, adversaries or hacktivists,” claimed the firm’s VP EMEA Richard Turner.

Steps For Protection

The FireEye report urges organisations to assume they are a target and their existing security controls can be bypassed.

To tackle this problem, the company recommends establishing a cyber-risk framework that enables the business with board level sponsorship and establish an incidence response and management service.

It also claims businesses should enhance their visibility with external threat intelligence to understand who might attack and how to avoid the methods they will use, as well as using appropriate technology to identify an APT.