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Gmail for Android app version 5.0 will manage multiple email accounts

It appears that Google is planning some major changes for its incoming Gmail app refresh, version 5.0 which is slated to arrive with Android Lollipop.

Not only is Gmail for Android shaping up to look very smart indeed – with a "Material Design" overhaul making the app look very clean and slick – but its functionality will be improved to handle many different email accounts from within the app.

Yes, you'll be able to have email accounts from Outlook or Yahoo (and others – but these are the two mentioned in the video clip which Android Police highlighted) hooked into your Gmail inbox, and switching between these will be as easy as giving the screen a quick swipe.

Obviously that's going to be handy for Gmail users with multiple accounts, and will save a lot of messing around.

Whether the iOS app for Gmail will receive similar support for multiple third-party email services isn't clear at this point, but that will hopefully follow at some stage.

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Meanwhile, we have another reason to look forward to the release of Lollipop, which is out first on some Nexus devices (namely the tablets, well, the non-cellular models) on 3 November. Lollipop brings with it all sorts of goodies, including improved performance, battery life and tighter security.