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HTC produces limited edition tattooed HTC One M8 smartphone for MOBO Awards

HTC has announced that it is producing a limited edition version of its HTC One M8 handset, complete with a tattoo design to commemorate this year's MOBO Awards (which are given out tomorrow at The SSG Arena, Wembley).

In fact, the phone manufacturer enlisted the help of two big name tattoo artists, Lal Hardy and Cally-Jo, to produce the design for the "tattooed" M8, which as you can see above features a black 1950s style microphone with an angel wing on the gunmetal grey HTC handset.

It does look pretty cool, as you can see above, and of course the MOBO logo is present on the limited edition phone, too.

Lal Hardy is a 40-year veteran of the tattoo industry, and has tattooed many famous folks including Dave Grohl (he did the FF logo on the back of his neck), and Liam Gallagher, not to mention MOBO nominee Rudimental.

Cally-Jo is an up and coming ink scribing star who has already tattooed the likes of Sienna Miller and Rihanna.

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Lal Hardy commented: "Like many artists, Cally-Jo and I spent a long time planning our design and turned to influential musicians and musical genres from decades gone by and of today for our inspiration."

"We agreed on a classic 1950's style chrome microphone to reinforce the history of the MOBO Awards coupled with an angel wing that in tattooing signifies freedom. We thought this symbol had particular significance given the amazing impact MOBO has had on artists all around the world, plus compliments the ethos of freedom through connectivity that is at the heart of HTC."

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