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Just what is JiveWorld and what am I expecting to hear?

JiveWorld 2014 kicks off in Las Vegas this week with the magnificent Cosmopolitan Hotel to call home for three days of keynotes, panel discussions and hands-on sessions.

For anyone unaware of JiveWorld, it is an annual event run by Palo Alto-based communication and collaboration firm Jive Software and is expected to be attended by over 1,500 business and IT professionals throughout the week.

This will be the sixth JiveWorld conference and the organisers have placed a large emphasis on "knowledge sharing and networking," so I'm expecting a friendly crowd.

Having just settled into my plush hotel room after negotiating my way through a maze of slot machines and roulette tables, I thought now would be a good time to outline a few of my expectations for the next few days.

Lots of talk about "workstyles"

Or more specifically, "collaborative workstyles," which will be a key area of focus throughout the conference. We'll learn about exactly what that means in the modern workplace, the steps Jive Software and its partners are taking to improve business collaboration and what we can expect to happen in the future. Talks on the topic will cover things like identifying the "preferred workstyles" of your employees and a session with poet Azure Antoinette who will, "use performance poetry to explore the way people's individual workstyles are reshaping business and humanity overall."

Plenty of guest speakers

The line up for JiveWorld 2014 looks pretty impressive, with a series of executives and people with official-sounding job titles signed up to impart their wisdom. One of the highlights will be the keynote by renowned TED speaker and CEO of Syyn Labs, Adam Sadowsky, who will be talking about how his team of scientists collaborate in the workplace. On top of that, there will also be sessions with Tony McGivern, CTO of analytics software firm FICO and Todd Moran, director of social enterprise at Schneider Electric.

Case-study central

Having had a browse through the event's schedule, it is clear that Jive want to incorporate as many real-life examples of their software in action as possible which, although there will no doubt be plenty of Jive-loving marketing phrases thrown in, is definitely a good thing in my eyes. Jive has invited several of its customers along to speak at the event, including representatives from Groupon, PwC, Qualcomm and Pearson, which is a formidable line up that will hopefully provide some good tips for businesses looking to improve their collaboration practices in the future.

Oh and there's one more thing...I get to drive a Lamborghini. No big deal.