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Satya Nadella’s pay packet revealed: $84mn, mostly in stock awards

In what is pretty poor timing given his recent gaffe pertaining to what women get paid and how they should go about asking for a rise, Satya Nadella has had details of his own pay package revealed by Microsoft – and suffice it to say he isn't doing so badly...

Nadella picked up just over $84 million (£52 million) in total according to Bloomberg, which represents over a ten times increase in his pay – not a bad pay rise, it has to be said. Although being elevated to CEO at Microsoft is obviously going to come with some major compensation, as well as responsibilities.

Still, it doesn't look great reflected in the light of his recent comment in which he stated that women didn't really need to ask for a raise, as they should trust the system will reward them if they're good workers. Yes, that's the same system which has seen a considerable gender-pay gap, and prevalence of male employees – something Nadella has since asserted he will be tackling with greater gusto (post apology).

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Of course, most of Nadella's pay is extras rather than his actual salary. In fact, his real salary is $920,000 (£570,000), but he received a bonus of $3.6 million (£2.2 million), and the majority was stock awards of almost $80 million (£50 million).

The majority of that stock, $59.2 million (£37 million), was granted in connection with his promotion to CEO, and is conditional on Redmond outperforming 60 per cent of Standard & Poor's 500 Index.