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Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova and Caroline Wozniacki benefit from SAP on-court analytics

SAP is ready to take the women’s tennis world by storm with a new on-court app that allows coaches to bring their smartphone or tablet into play and benefit from real-time data analytics to help improve performance.

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The partnership with the Women’s Tennis Association [WTA] involves leveraging SAP HANA technology inside an app to give coaches to opportunity to provide insights in real-time about what is happening in the given match.

“We believe that technology will play a major role in modernizing our sport, delivering more to our fans without altering the integrity of the game,” said Stacey Allaster, CEO and chairman, WTA. “Tennis is a data-driven sport and information is power. Many of our matches usually come down to just a few key points and any advantage that players and coaches can gain by analyzing trends and data could deliver and edge in the match.”

SAP worked with coaches and players over the course of the 2014 WTA season to ascertain the information that is most important when analysing performance on the tennis court. The result is a WTA coaching app that has key performance data at its heart including information on serve direction and shot placement in real-time during matches.

“These statistics on the coaching app will make my job easier and advice more accurate during a match,” admitted Wim Fissette, WTA Coach.

SAP’s previous solution, which allows players and coaches to receive post-match point-by-point analysis, will still be available and the WTA itself has been developing technology for on-court coaching techniques since back in 2008.

Fans of women’s tennis, meanwhile, can benefit from the SAP-built WTA Finals mobile app that gives fans all over the world access to exclusive content, news, virtual replays, fan polls, stats, player profiles, photos and tournament information.

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SAP has a growing reputation in the sports technology sector and has partnered with sports organisations in football, Formula 1, golf, cricket, baseball, tennis and many more sports.

Image Credit: Flickr (Docteur Christophe)Porthole Ad