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Apple’s iPad Air 2 boasts triple-core CPU and 2GB of RAM

The details of the core spec of Apple's new iPad Air 2 have been revealed, with a leaked benchmark subsequently being confirmed by reviews which are now coming out.

So what does the iPad Air sequel have beating at its heart? The A8X has a pretty impressive tri-core 1.5GHz CPU, and Apple has finally upped the RAM pairing this to 2GB (previous iOS devices only ever went as far as 1GB).

Ars Technica spotted the leaked Geekbench 3.2 (single core) results, which showed the iPad Air 2 hitting an overall score of 1812, compared to the iPad Air's 1479 (and the previous iPad to the Air recorded 779, for reference).

Ars later confirmed that following the review embargo being lifted, it does seem that these Geekbench results are kosher.

So while there seems to be no doubting that the new iPad Air is a stellar performer, there are still many folks out there who are rather disappointed that the new device doesn't bring more to the table other than "faster" and "slimmer" (oh, and the fingerprint sensor).

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As we discussed in a recent article, that's all well and good for first-time buyers, but those looking to upgrade their iPad and fork out £400 for a new model need something a bit more compelling to part with that sort of cash.

In that light, there's every chance that iPad sales will continue to slump, as we saw in Apple's most recent fiscal numbers...