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Google Chromecast hits 650 million casts with v2.0 on the way

Google Chromecast users have clicked the cast button 650 million times as the company moves to release the second version of its popular streaming stick in the near future.

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The company’s VP or product management Mario Queiroz told Gigaom’s Structure Connect conference that the number has accelerated from the 400 million announced just three months ago.

Queiroz went on to reveal that over 6,000 developers are building upwards of 10,000 apps for the Google Cast ecosystem and that increasing this number is one of the integral parts of Google’s Chromecast strategy.

Key to this is the new “Backdrop” feature being implemented by Google that allows users of the streaming stick to customise TV sets with their own pictures and users can then use an Android smartphone, tablet or any other device to learn more about the image.

To that end Queiroz revealed that an API will be released to developers that means further information can be added to “Backdrop” with no indication as to what this might be limited to.

Queiroz was muted when it came to what we can expect from Chromecast v2.0 though he was keen to stress that the company wants to create “an ecosystem of different endpoints” where Chromecast acts as one endpoint and “other Chromecast devices” are other endpoints.

“I can say we really want to bring the richness of this first screen–second screen experience to life,” said Queiroz, according to Gigaom. “The hardware capabilities will give us a better opportunity to take full advantage of a large screen paired with a small screen.”

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Chromecast v2 made its first appearance at the FCC just last week after plans revealed that the device is extremely similar and it’s thought that Google will simply swap out the old stock once the new device is completed.

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