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HP set to unveil new computing experience Sprout next week

Hewlett-Packard has developed a new product called Sprout that combines a large touch-enabled work surface with an overhead projector.

According to Recode, sources indicate that the device will also incorporate a flat-screen display and a 3D scanner to provide users with a "new computing experience."

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Reports by those who've seen the device indicate that the overhead projector displays an image downward onto the work surface, which users can then manipulate with their hands or a stylus. They are able to resize and move images around, or add new objects to the picture by scanning them directly on the work surface. The 3D scanner means that essentially any object at hand can be included.

Sprout will initially be available across Windows platforms, but it is being suggested that future editions could run Google's Chrome OS.

The project is being spearheaded by former Apple hardware executive Eric Monsef and will be primarily marketed to businesses and high-end consumers. The device could be used to show customers different product options across a variety of trades, such as home decoration or fashion, but it could also have applications for teachers or companies wishing to create better presentations.

The product is intended to demonstrate HP's ability to continue to innovate when the majority of other technology manufacturers are focused on tablets, laptops and smartphones. This has been a particular focus for the firm's PC division since the company decided to split its operations in two earlier this month.

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Sprout, along with several other new products, is expected to be officially launched during HP's New York event on 29 October. Its price tag is still unconfirmed.