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The JiveWorld 2014 keynote, featuring OK GO, on-stage selfies and human mousetraps

Jive Software officially kicked off the JiveWorld 2014 communication and collaboration conference in style with an extremely entertaining and engaging keynote at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas this morning.

The session was opened in ear-splitting fashion with a quick performance from American rock band OK GO, after which EVP of marketing and products Elisa Steele joined the band on stage for a customary selfie before getting down to the serious stuff.

Steele was soon joined by CEO Tony Zingale, with the affable pair forming a double-act to rival Ant and Dec as they outlined Jive Software's three new product announcements, consisting of an upgraded cloud release for its communication and collaboration platform, an upgrade to its JiveX community platform and the introduction of a new employee "worktype finder."

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Renowned TED speaker and CEO of Syyn Labs Adam Sadowsky was up next, sharing how his company has undertaken various collaborations by creating mind-bending, human mousetrap style machines.

We were shown some amazing clips of previous projects and if you want to see some of these machines in action check out this OK GO music video and this project with Red Bull from 2012 which incorporates several elite athletes from various extreme sports.

We were then treated to a live attempt with a new chain reaction machine which was spread across the stage and operated by five audience members. Although it didn't go quite as smoothly as in the videos, the team powered through and we got there in the end.

Adam was them followed by Michael Laffin, vice president of corporate communications at pharmaceutical company Mylan Inc., who emphasised the importance of the three C's in helping to achieve his company's goals.

Now, for any of you jive turkey's out there who don't know what the three C's are, let me help you out. They are of course; connect, communicate and collaborate and Laffin applauded the role Jive software has played in integrating these practices into Mylan Inc's philosophy.

All in all, the keynote was a great opener to the conference, providing an introduction to some of Jive's key values and the work they are doing at the moment. Watch this space for more details of the event as the days unfold.