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Mike Bassett: England Manager needs YOU to propel him back to the silver screen

Mike Bassett is on his way back to the big screen after a Kickstarter campaign got underway to bring back his X-rated formations and team sheets on the back of cigarette packets.

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The film, called Mike Bassett: Interim Manager, sees Ricky Tomlinson reprise his role as the gaffer and the project is aiming to raise an ambitious £250,000 by 21 November for the film to be put into production next year.

"It was an easy decision for me to play Mike again. Who wouldn't want to be England manager without all the stress of actually having the job? Whenever I speak to football fans there's such affection for Bassett that it's hard to ignore the demand,” Ricky Tomlinson said. "The Kickstarter element is a brilliant way of getting people involved in the film. It's a football film for football fans so it's great to recreate the same collectiveness you see on the terraces in a movie."

There are a range of ways to contribute to the funding effort that range from pledging £5 for a series of classic audio files from the original film to £5,000 for a speaking part to camera in the final version of the film.

The new film will see Bassett fall on hard times after a number of calamitous career moves that include a move to work in Germany and a spell in charge of the Iranian national team where he gets mistaken for Harry Redknapp. Bassett is then appointed England gaffer once against after England’s German manager gets another job just weeks prior to the World Cup.

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So far the project has raised just over £50,000 and if it reaches its target then the plan is for filming to begin in March 2015 before the film is released in 2016.