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Redmond officially cans Nokia brand, handsets will be Microsoft Lumia going forward

It won't come as much of a surprise to hear that Microsoft is ditching the Nokia name, after it absorbed the mobile arm of the Finnish company some time back now.

This was rumoured last month, when a secret internal document was leaked which showed the desire to get rid of the Nokia branding on all Lumia smartphones by the end of this year.

And indeed this has been confirmed, as well as the dropping of the Windows Phone brand. The Verge notes that the handsets will be known as Microsoft Lumia going forward. Nokia France will be one of the first countries to take the Microsoft Lumia name onto its social media accounts, and other territories will follow with the rebranding program in the coming weeks.

Microsoft had already begun to drop the Nokia name over various areas of its business, with some of Nokia's apps for Windows Phone being rebranded to Lumia for example. Indeed, Microsoft's internal rebranding efforts have been underway since the purchase of Nokia's phone business.

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The veering away from Windows Phone is also interesting, too, with Microsoft preferring to refer to smartphones running its mobile OS as simply Windows handsets. Perhaps that's a sign of the incoming "one OS to rule them all" plan Redmond has in mind, with Windows extending seamlessly cross-platform (or that's the idea in time, anyway).