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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 could get Android Lollipop in the near future?

While we know for sure that Android 5.0 is coming to the Galaxy Note 4 sooner or later, it will hopefully be sooner if a hint spotted on Samsung Mobile's Twitter feed is anything to go by.

The tweet (spotted by Sam Mobile) appeared yesterday, and on the face of it simply appears to be promoting the high resolution display that the Note 4 sports. It read: "Anyway you look at it, the #GALAXYNote4 Quad HD Super AMOLED display is pretty sweet."

The accompanying image shows a load of brightly coloured sweets, and that fits in with the "sweet display" marketing message of the tweet. However, if you look closely, the sweets in question are lollipops – so could this be a subtle hint that Lollipop is due to arrive on the Note 4 sooner than we thought?

Previous rumours have indicated a probable late November or early December arrival for Android 5.0, so the new phablet might just get the updated OS before November is out. It's very unlikely to be any earlier than this, given that Lollipop's release date on the Nexus tablets is 3 November, and it won't even be rolled out to the existing Nexus 5 phone at that point – further testing is needed even for Google's handsets (or cellular toting tablets).

Motorola has also promised to get the update on its new Moto X pronto, too.

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Lollipop offers an overhauled UI with improved performance, security features, better battery life and, well, lots of stuff – it's certainly one of the more keenly awaited versions of Android Google has released.