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Speedy iPad Air 2 blows the iPhone 6 out of the water in benchmarks

Earlier today we reported on a leaked benchmark for the iPad Air 2 which confirmed the core specs of the tablet, and now another even more illuminating benchmark has emerged.

If you missed our earlier story (opens in new tab), it turns out that the iPad Air 2 has a tri-core 1.5GHz CPU, backed up with 2GB of RAM, which led to it getting a Geekbench 3.2 (single-core) overall result of 1812 compared to the original iPad Air's 1479.

So, the new benchmark results from Primate Labs (spotted by Mac Rumors (opens in new tab)) confirms that single-core result (well, actually the original Air benched a tad lower at 1472), but the really interesting bit is the blistering multi-core performance of the Air 2. It hit a score of no less than 4477 in Geekbench 3, which blows the original iPad Air's score of 2664 out of the water. Indeed, it's almost 70 per cent faster in that benchmark.

Primate Labs also benched the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in that test, and found that they weren't much faster than the first iPad Air with results of 2879 and 2854 respectively. Indeed, they weren't much faster than the iPhone 5S, which scored 2523 in the multi-core benchmark, meaning the iPhone 6 is just a 14 per cent improvement on its predecessor, a far cry from the iPad Air 2's 70 per cent step up in performance.

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All that said, those who have used the iPhone 6 have not had anything to complain about in terms of the real-word usability and performance of the handset – we shouldn't place too much reliance on benchmarks.

However, the A8X in the flagship tablet is clearly showing a spotlessly clean pair of heels to the A8 chip in the new iPhones going by the raw numbers, with the iPad Air 2 being 55 per cent faster than the iPhone 6.

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