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Cisco launches new course to teach Internet of Everything skills

Cisco is aiming to address the issue of Internet of Everything (IoE) skills with a new curriculum designed to, in the company's words, "empower the next generation of innovators to embrace the IoE's full possibilities".

Launched as part of the Cisco Networking Academy Partner Summit in Barcelona, the "Introduction to the Internet of Everything" is the first in a series of planned courses designed to get folks up to speed with the IoE. It's an entry-level course, as the name suggests, with no in-depth IT knowledge needed, aiming to help students understand what sort of opportunities the IoE will bring.

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The course will be available to Cisco Networking Academy students globally, and it will be a free self-learning course. Academies, however, will be able to put on instructor led classes to teach it, too.

Note that the course is English-only at the moment, but will be available in five more languages – Chinese, French, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish – down the line.

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Cisco (and many others) believe the impact of the IoE can't be underestimated, with the company forecasting that it will have an economic value of no less than $19 trillion (£12 trillion) when it comes to private and public sectors by 2022. By 2020, it's thought there will be some 50 billion connected devices online.

Laura Quintana, Senior Director, Corporate Affairs at Cisco, commented: "This connected network presents a huge opportunity for the technology industry and could transform how we do business, consume goods and go about our daily lives. However, realising this potential depends on individuals having the skills and knowledge to harness the opportunities provided by IoE. Our new IoE curriculum offers a fantastic springboard for anyone wanting to seize this opportunity."