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Developers rejoice! Kinect apps land on Windows Store

Kinect has moved on. Once a peripheral that encouraged gamers to dance manically in front of their consoles, it has now evolved into something rather more sophisticated. As part of Kinect's on-going development Microsoft today released Kinect SDK 2.0 following the developer preview program from last November. Developers not only have scores of improvements to enjoy, but they now have the ability to deploy Kinect apps to the Windows Store.

This news goes hand in hand with the release of a new Kinect adaptor. The adaptor makes it possible to take an Xbox One Kinect and connect it to a PC or tablet. There's no need to choose between a Kinect for Windows v2 and Kinect for Xbox One as they both now perform identically.

The device is perhaps an indication that the Windows version of Kinect has not proved quite as popular as Microsoft would have hoped. The company is now trying to encourage more developers into making use of the device under Windows and take advantage of all of the Xbox Kinects out there. Microsoft will have to encourage Xbox One users with a Kinect to invest in the adaptor - there is a something of a saving to be made here.

Starting today, the Kinect Adapter for Windows is available in more than 20 countries, and there are plans to roll it out to more than 40 in total. As with the latest build of Windows 10 Technical Preview, this is another example of the all-ears Microsoft. "We have been listening", proclaims the announcement blog post. These latest movements in the world of Kinect should make life easier for developers and users alike.