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HP Helion OpenStack with developer tools and secure storage solution now commercially available

HP has announced the commercial availability of its Helion OpenStack and Development Platform that gives businesses the chance to benefit from a combined Infrastructure-as-a-service [IaaS] and Platform-as-a-Service [PaaS] solution.

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The company also announced its new Helion Content Depot that is designed to handle the growth in unstructured data, images and media, and the releases are the first since HP made it clear that it was supporting the OpenStack project in June.

Organisations that choose the Helion OpenStack IaaS get a solution that has predictable scalability, high availability and durability, and low operating costs. The Helion Development PaaS, meanwhile, allows users to develop and implement cloud-native apps using various programming languages and app services.

Anyone using either solution can benefit from a community of some 2,500 developers as well as various other advantages such as 24/7 technical support, support for various programming languages and Helion now includes the latest Juno version of the OpenStack framework.

There are also two new programs to support the ecosystem including HP Helion Ready, that allows ISV and SaaS solution providers to earn Helion certification, and the Helion Developer Network that encourages collaboration with the Helion community.

In addition to the two commercial Helion releases, HP also announced the Helion Content Depot private cloud secure storage solution that is built on HP Helion OpenStack along with HP ProLiant servers and HP Networking.

Data held can be replicated across three or more devices and integration with the OpenStack Keystone ensures that identity management is as water tight as possible. Other security features included as standard are in-flight data encryption and optional data-at-rest encryption from HP Atalla encryption.

Early interest in the storage service has been shown from a range of industries including media and entertainment, web services, health and life sciences, financial service, and oil and gas.

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HP announced its Helion offering in June as a way for third parties to easily set up their own cloud services and the release came after it announced that it was plunging some $1 billion [£590 million] into building up its cloud business.