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Put some personality into your photos with Lumia Creative Studio for Windows Phone

Lumia Creative Studio is a Windows Phone-only app – and in fact it is exclusive to owners of Lumia-branded Windows Phones. There's a huge clue to that in the app's name. If you are a Lumia Windows Phone owner then this app offers free access to some pretty cool photo tweaking services.

The speciality is filters allowing you to change the colour vibrancy to get an image looking how you want. You can also add blur effects and of course crop photos. Lumia Creative Studio works with screenshots as well as snaps you take, and there's another feature that's got huge potential – Colour Pop. You can use this to make almost all of a photo black and white, retaining one standout colour element. It can generate some simply stunning effects.

Click here to download Lumia Creative Studio for Windows Phone.

Product: Lumia Creative Studio

OS: Windows Phone

Price: Free