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Smart Bracelet turns your arm into the world’s first living smartphone display

Cicret, the company currently developing the world's most secure app, is working on a device that will project your smartphone display onto your arm.

The "Smart Bracelet" was recently posted on crowdfunding site Indiegogo and uses a pico projector to create the image.

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The device also incorporates an accelerometer and proximity sensor enabling it to recognise what part of the display the user is touching and any gestures made by turning your arm.

So far the campaign has been met with some scepticism, causing Cicret to pull the project. However, the company has stressed that the "world's first living smartphone display" has been removed from the crowdfunding site as it is now prepared to invest in the device internally rather than looking for outside funding.

In a blog post, the firm emphasised that the project is currently very much at the idea stage and requires "(a lot of) money for research and development." Cicret added that the device's battery and the miniaturisation of its components were just two of the issues that needed to be ironed out before the product could be made available.

Concrete details are hard to come by, particularly since the project was pulled from Indiegogo, but the company did previously suggest that the bracelet would retail for between $600 and $700 (£375 - £435), with early adopters able to receive the device in exchange for pledges of $399 (£250).

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The Cicret app, designed to provide a completely secure and controllable operating system, will ultimately become the software that controls the Smart Bracelet and is available now.