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Further details on Microsoft Lumia rebrand clarified, Nokia entry-level phones will still be made

Redmond has confirmed that it is dropping the Nokia name, and rebranding handsets as Microsoft Lumia, with a blog post on the Nokia Conversations site.

Of course, we'd already heard this two days ago, but the blog post (spotted by SlashGear) lays everything out officially, and goes into a few more details about exactly how this rebranding will proceed.

Tuula Rytilä, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Phones at Microsoft, provides those details, and notes that Microsoft has already been changing the brand on Nokia apps, and global and local websites, plus social channels, which will all transition to the Microsoft Lumia brand – a process which is happening right now.

And of course the new name will be applied to devices, packaging and across the retail sector.

So, when will we see the first Microsoft Lumia handset hit the shelves? Rytilä wouldn't be specific, but did say that the company will be "unveiling a Microsoft Lumia device soon". She also made it clear that the core values of the phones won't be changing, just the name, for those who might be worried that the switch could mean a different design or experience with the devices.

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The site interviewer who questioned Rytilä also asked whether "Nokia Lumia smartphones that are currently in the market are obsolete?"

She assured folks worried on this score that Microsoft will continue to flog Nokia Lumia phones that are out there in the marketplace, and they'll be fully supported, with all warranties and so forth still effective as you would expect.

One final thing she made clear is that while Lumia is divorced from Nokia going forward, the Nokia name will still continue with Nokia-branded entry-level phones like the Nokia 130. There was no mention of the famous Asha budget brand, though...