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Queen sends first official tweet from Science Museum’s Information Age exhibition

The Queen has made her debut on Twitter, with her opening tweet relating to the Information Age exhibition which is taking place at the Science Museum today.

The exact tweet, delivered via the @BritishMonarchy Twitter account, said: "It is a pleasure to open the Information Age exhibition today at the @ScienceMuseum and I hope people will enjoy visiting. Elizabeth R."

It sneaked in at three characters under the limit – and no text speak needed to do so. She even left a double space before her name, casually casting away an extra character, so one may have to watch one's spacebar in future...

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Immediately after the tweet, the BritishMonarchy account confirmed it was indeed the Queen's very own words: "The last tweet was sent personally by The Queen from her official Twitter account @BritishMonarchy #TheQueenTweets".

The Science Museum got in the first reply, which said: "We're honoured The Queen chose to open our Information Age gallery by sending her first tweet".

And you can imagine some of the other replies, which range from "Welcome to Twitter your Majesty #LongLiveTheQueen", to "hey Liz, who are you loving on X Factor?!"

And special mention goes to Rob Taylor's effort: "Wonder how many journos will be trawling these replies to cut n paste some 'fun' filler in the subsequent articles on this."

Ahem. Probably quite a few, Rob...

The Information Age exhibition at the museum is a £16 million project which contains over 800 "iconic" objects, and six interactive displays all connected via an elevated walkway.

Science Museum Director Ian Blatchford noted, just prior to inviting Her Majesty to send her first tweet, that: "You made the first live Christmas broadcast in 1957, and an event relished by historians took place on 26 March 1976, when you became the first monarch to send an email, during a visit to the Royal Signals and Radar Establishment."

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That email was part of a demonstration of networking technology, apparently.

And this tweet is a demonstration of how in-tune with the modern world the royal family really is (honest, guv'). Anyhow, never mind the Queen's first sub-140 character musing, we can't wait to see Prince Philip's first tweet. That'll be the real dynamite.

Image Credit: Science Museum