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What is Devops and why should infrastructure operations care?

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What will you learn by viewing Chris Swan's presentation on what is Devops and why should infrastructure operations care?

  • Devops is not (just) about the tools
  • Devops is about design maturity
  • Devops implies organisational change
  • Bringing dev and ops together means both have to change

What is DevOps?

Devops is about design - organisational design. When looking at how industrial design maturity evolves it typically goes through three stages: design for purpose, design for manufacture and design for operations. Devops is simply what happens to IT in organisations designed for operations. Most presentations about devops fixate on the latest shiny tools; this presentation will instead look at the context for those tools - the context that comes from organisation design. Of course moving to an organisation that's designed for operations implies change, and as dev and ops come together to become devops it will impact how infrastructure operations works.

Speaker Chris Swann, CTO, CohesiveFT

Chris Swan is CTO at CohesiveFT, a cloud networking company founded in 2006 that he joined in early 2013. He was previously at UBS where he held a number of CTO roles and represented the bank as a Director on the Steering Committee of the Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA). Before joining UBS he was CTO at a London based technology investment banking boutique CapitalSCF. Chris previously held various senior R&D, architecture and engineering positions at Credit Suisse, which included networks, security, data centre automation and introduction of new application platforms. Prior to the world of financial services, Chris was a Combat Systems Engineering Officer in the Royal Navy. He has an MBA from OUBS and a BEng in Electronics Engineering from the University of York.
Chris is a keen maker and hacker taking an active role in the London and Brighton communities for Open Source Hardware, Raspberry Pi and the Internet of Things. He is also an advisor to a number of London based tech and fintech startups.
Twitter: @cpswan