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Whitepaper: Rapidly evolving flash storage architecture delivers business value

The flash-based storage market is rapidly maturing in terms of both organisations' understanding of flash technology and solid-state storage options as well as the number of offerings and capabilities from vendors. However, since solid-state storage is still—at least in terms of broad adoption rather than as a niche play—a relatively new technology, it is easy for vendor assertions to be passed off as facts. It also seems standard for assumptions to be made about the level of market understanding regarding flash-based storage technologies and solid-state storage options, the varying implementation models, and even terminology which do not necessarily hold true.

For this reason, this paper accepts that everyone may not have the same level of understanding, so while this one paper cannot, of course, cover everything, what it seeks to do is dispel common points of confusion up-front and provide a certain amount of basic information. Whether you're using this information as a primer or as a review, it is provided so that any IT user can come away knowing what is needed to make informed decisions that, hopefully, will result in the ability to deploy storage that is capable of taking full advantage of the benefits that solid-state storage has to offer.

To read more, download the whitepaper below.

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