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Hadoop Integration for Telco's - BT's chief data officer

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Watch Phill Radley's session on hadoop integration at BT and learn about:

  • Phill's journey from research idea to 50 node multi-tenant production cluster
  • a light hearted & insightful look at Hadoop integration in the oldest Telco in the world
  • how to win the support of an entertaining cast of characters whose support you will require on your big data journey

Phill will break down his session into a number of episodes including:

  1. The Elephant, The Guru & The visionary
  2. The Keepers of the Data Centre
  3. The BI Architect, ferryman across the unfathomable data lake
  4. The all seeing Security team and their mysterious Active Directory
  5. The Finance Officer (hand of the CEO) who speaks only of benefits
  6. The Angry mob and their use cases

Speaker: Phill Radley, Chief Data Officer, BT

Phill looks at BT through a pair of data polarised sun-glasses with responsibility for :

  • Data Architecture and Governance across BT Group
  • Running a team of SME data architects and that define and maintain the Enterprise Data Model
  • MDM Strategy
  • Big Data Strategy