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How to listen to offline playlists on Android Wear smartwatches with Bluetooth headphones

Google Android Wear smartwatch owners can now play music through their devices without having to tether with a smartphone thanks to the latest update that the firm has rolled out.

Unfortunately for owners of Samsung, LG and any other Android Wear smartwatch, Google hasn’t provided any guidelines on how to pair wireless headphones with the devices or manage offline music, and to that end there is a step-by-step guide laid out below on how to do so.

1. Download the Firmware Update

First things first make sure that your smartwatch is running the newest version of Android Wear. This can be done by navigating to Settings > About on your watch and checking that Android Wear 4.4W.2 is installed.

2. Make Sure Play Music is Updated

The new functionality is only included within the latest version of Play Music and to check you have the correct one installed simply go to Settings > Resync Apps. It will then update the app if it needs to do so.

3. Launch Play Music

If you have an Android Wear smartwatch then you’ll be familiar with giving an “OK Google” voice prompt alongside “play music” to launch the app.

4. Enable Download to Android Wear

Once the app is opened it will come up with a prompt that states you need to enable ‘Download to Android Wear’ in the Play Music settings on your phone. Luckily it lays this all on a plate for you and all that users need to do is click the button on the smartwatch and a Settings menu will have come up on the accompanying phone. It’s then as easy as checking the box under ‘Download to Android Wear’. When music is downloading to the device a ‘Downloading music…’ prompt will come up on the smartwatch screen and indicate how many songs are left.

5. Pair Bluetooth Headphones

When you select ‘Play’ on any of those tracks the Play Music app comes up with a prompt stating ‘No audio devices connected. Go to Settings?’ By clicking the teal coloured tick it takes you to the Bluetooth pairing options and, just so long as your headphones pairing setting is switched on, then music should start playing.