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HP lifts lid on OpenStack Cloud

HP has shaken up the world of OpenStack clouds with the launch of its Helion OpenStack community edition.

Available as of today, Helion OpenStack community edition is suitable for proof-of-concept and pilot deployments based on the Icehouse release. HP's SVP of cloud products and services Bill Hilf said at launch that the company will follow the OpenStack trunk line release schedule in future versions.

While the commercial version is not due for "a few months," according to Hilf it should add "integration with enterprise applications and tools, and cross-platform support for third-party hypervisors, databases and software solutions."

More information will be made available at the HP Discovery Conference in June 2015, but for now we know that there will also be "more robust management and security" in the commercial edition.

We should also see an OpenStack indemnification program, courtesy of HP, which will protect "qualified customers" against patent, copyright and trade secret lawsuits using the OpenStack code.

HP has also announced a three-month limited trial version of the Helion Development Platform that will allow users to experience the dev platform without having to create a Helion OpenStack environment.

If you have a spare hour, you can watch the full webcast of the launch as it happened here.