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Take a quick glance at detailed schedule information with LockAgenda

Windows Phone gets a bad rap for having too few apps available, and there are still some really good iPhone and Android apps that have not made the transition. However, LockAgenda is an example of a really good Windows Phone app that has not made it across to Android or iPhone (though on those two platforms there are lots of alternative choices).

Okay, so LockAgenda shows you upcoming diary appointments on the lock screen. Ho hum. So what? Well, it does this in a rather neat way, with a number of different views to choose between, including a couple that show busy times this week and next, so that you can tell if it is easy to slot something into the diary without actually having to go past the lock screen.

Other tweaks include the ability to set opacity so that your lovely lock screen image still shows through, and personalise the colours used. There are options for the wallpaper too, either using your own images or selecting from online sources.

Click here to download LockAgenda for Windows Phone.

Product: LockAgenda

OS: Windows Phone

Price: £1.29